Applying the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines

A sustainability team was formed and a schedule was established in early 2011. This team endeavours to apply the sustainable packaging guidelines (SPG).

Schedule for review:

Brand Primary Packaging Secondary Packaging Tertiary Packaging Review Time Frame
La Zuppa Rigid Plastic Carton Timber pallet and shrink film 2011-2012
La Gina and A Modo Mio Metal Can Tray & shrink Timber pallet and shrink film 2013-2014

The Valcorp team believes that concentrating on one brand every 12 months enables us to analyse the packaging thoroughly and efficiently.

Each year the team reviews according to the schedule and any change of packaging is fully documented. Valcorp also conducts a general packaging review on each brand every year to ensure packaging is efficient and as sustainable as possible.

Establishment of the team and the packaging group

Valcorp sustainability team has three main packaging groups in the primary packaging category. They are metal can, rigid plastic and foil pouches. Packaging is also reviewed according to the brand.

Sustainability packaging team:

Responsibility Qualification Department
Brand Manager Marketing Marketing
Environment Coordinator Environment Corporate
QA and R&D Manger Product and packaging Marketing
Logistics/distribution Transport Logistics
Product Supplier Product Supplier
Packaging Supplier Packaging Supplier
Sales retail Sales Retail
Sales food service Sales and marketing Food service

Packaging review template

This template covers all areas of the guidelines, which consist of all the key questions of the SPG. This assists in documentation, decision making, data collection and information for each SKU.

All new and old packaging is reviewed through the same process by using the SPG template.

Engaging with suppliers

Valcorp does not manufacture its products or its packaging hence the involvement of suppliers is vital.

Valcorp provides information on SPG to relevant suppliers to help them have a clear understanding of the requirement by the APC to ensure they work closely with us.

The packaging review template is reviewed and answered concurrently with our suppliers to ensure all the questions are checked and answered to the best of our ability.

Improvement and future action

With the implementation of SPG we have identified areas that we can incorporate some SPG into our procurement policies.

We also identified a need to educate our procurement team and in addition our marketing and sales team to be more aware of the APC’s requirements and benefits.

Valcorp products are mainly manufactured overseas hence the need to communicate and educate suppliers is vital, as environmental awareness varies from country to country.

We continue to review and improve the SPG table as we gain more understanding.

We review all brands against SPG according to our schedule.

We endeavour to have our entire product range enclosed with a recycling logo or littering information to consumer.

We endeavour to incorporate recycling, material information and littering instruction on our website.


Australian Packaging Covenant sustainable packaging guidelines.
1 July 2010

Australian Council of Recyclers (ACOR)

Keeping Australia Beautiful (KAB)

Australian Standard 14021

ACCC Green Marketing Standard